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We apply modern technology in the field of financial services and risk management since 2012

100% of projects’ IT systems are an in-house solution of Familoan's team of developers

  • More than 11 sources of scoring data

  • 83,8% accuracy of the scoring system

  • 74,6% increase of application processing speed after applying of the machine learning

  • The application process goes 84% faster thanks to the complex experiments software

Breakthrough technology of Soft Debt Collection has increased the amount of loan returns in the first 20 days of debt by 56,4%

  • 82%

    Retention rate

  • 19.5%

    Gross NPL ratio

  • +34,3% YoY

    Interest income

  • x1,7 times YoY

    Loan issuance

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To bring the confidence in the future to our clients.

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